35 000 "Werbebeilagen" in Briefkästen verteilt / 35 000 "bulk mails" distributed in letterboxes
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On the market square, the Leipzig site of the 1953 Uprising in East Germany, a sales booth offered „products for revolting and demonstrating" for a bargain. Upfront, 35.000 Leipzig households had been informed about this special offer by advertising junk mail, the like of which every household is flooded with daily. The leaflet copied a German supermarket chain’s layout and typography, yet offered various products “useful” for making revolution, such as eggs, tomatoes, bricks, etc., that could later be purchased at the performance sales booth.

The work "revolution,-" was developed for the WESTEND - KNOW YOUR RIGHTS festival, curated by Lilian Engelmann and Heike Albrecht.