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Unstrut bei Wangen, vermutlich älteste Artefakte Mitteldeutschlands, ca. 400.000 Jahre alte Abschläge(?).
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In 2021, Bertram Haude started a hike along a route that results from special archaeological sites. For the most parts, these are sites on which the Out-of-Africa Theory is based on.
The archaeological discoveries between the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania and Leipzig, the place of residence of Bertram Haude, which are decisive for the route and which were made mostly by chance, result in a track of the hominids to Central Germany when strung together. Such a distance was of course never walked - and it was once covered in several, temporally and spatially divergent, non-continuous migrations. Bertram Haude tries to follow the only constructed way in the opposite direction and to meet and if necessary to portray those people who live today at or near these places of discovery. Since the place of origin of man does not exist, the trail runs back into the unknown. The originally planned completion of the route in one go could not be kept up.

There were several attempts of humans to migrate from the south into the northern hemisphere.Many failed. DNA studies of remains found in Europe show that there were humans who left no trace in the DNA of humans living today. The probability that Homo sapiens will one day populate the earth by the billions has been close to zero throughout human history.