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die Ruhezone / rest area
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The video shows just one shot in a large supermarket: a rather unusual "rest area" ("Ruhezone") in the middle of the market. This area is marked by a big sign, a red bench, and a water dispenser. It can be frequented by people looking for rest amidst the supermarket’s permanent visual and acoustic noise.

This setting might well be a contemporary equivalent of one-time benches at the side of a field, providing rest for hikers or farm workers. The bench might not even have moved in space, now being located in a supermarket eventually built on the site of a former field. A space for recreation and rest, integrated into today’s struggle for existence in a loud, hysterical world of consumerism.

For the Hamburg exhibition "Stile der Stadt" [City Styles], curated by Filomeno Fusco and Dirck Möllemann, this work was screened in an abandoned supermarket and broadcast over the still intact market sound system.