ISLF - the international shattered liberation force

"lebendige Geschichte erleben" / "experience living history" H.Pupat
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A group of volunteers wants to symbolically undermine the military re-enactment events taking place in and around Leipzig at the 2013 commemoration of the Battle of Nations.


The ISLF the International Shattered Liberation Forces - will form a shadow to the smartly uniformed and disciplined re-enactment units. The lost, the left behind, neglected and unhappy losers of war: The ISLF is the vanquished batallion, styled on what is known from historical descriptions about vanquished armies, famished, filthy, frightened people, far away from home, wounded and covered in lice and rash. They wear their uniforms in rags and all sorts of worn-out clothing, blankets, cloaks, curtains, carpets, pieces of fur, simply anything that would provide some warmth and protection. Out of a sudden, the horde makes its appearance at events and places, consumes what it can get, camps in barns, on village greens or in the open field. Provisions for the ISLF depend on the sympathy and co-operation of the population.