stolen hearts

Capitolkino mit beleuchteten Schaukästen / film theater with lighted display cases Stephanie Kiwitt
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The movie theater at the Thuringian provincial town of Neustadt/Orla has been closed for a while. Yet for this project, the theater’s display cabinets were renovated and lit up again. Instead of posters for Hollywood movies, the glass cases now held posters and stills from an imaginary Neustadt film. Entitled “Stolen Hearts” (the last movie in the cinema), this imaginary film was devised with teenagers at a local youth club, other locals, and film stills to be shown in the theater cases were shot on location in Neustadt.

So when the locals curiously approached, surprised by the sudden new activity at the abandoned movie theater, they could discover their own town on the posters, their own environment, neighbors, friends and acquaintances in the role of "actors" and "stars".