Trout quintet

Forellenquintett 1
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A person is photographed through branches. At the edge of a canal, he is performing a whimsical dance, strange contortions and leaps. It is the fisherman "with the rod", whom we know from Franz Schubert's song (Die Forelle), but he is not about to disturb "the fish's bath in the bright stream". He himself has made a mistake with his "treacherous" tool. The stream has become a concrete canal, the fish gets away this time and the thief fidgets and twitches. Is he himself "the deceived one" in the end? He, whose "cold blood" has made all the water "murky"? Through the lens of the camera, through the foliage that hides us and turns us into invisible spectators, we watch the misadventure with a "lively" gaze. And perhaps, like Christian Friedrich Daniel Schubart in the dungeon, where he wrote the text, we think about what the image of the "angler" actually stands for. The leaf (the foliage?) of history turns before our eyes, while time shoots forward "like an arrow".