Die Entenrepublik Gamsenteich / The Dug´s Republic Gamsenteich

Der Gamsenteich in Neustadt/Orla / the ducks pond in Neustadt/Orla
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Research of a population of ducks at a small town pond in Neustadt/Orla resulted in rather unexpected and astonishing findings. The quite well-organized communal life of a flock of ducks, which had never been noticed before, is based on a simple but apparently efficient sort of political structure. After a period of further research, the public was invited to see the pond and the amazing Duck Republic Gamsenteich. Via small installations and guided tours, visitors could learn more about this hitherto-neglected quasi-democratic life of a bird community in close proximity to human living quarters.

The work "Entenrepublik Gamsenteich" was devised for the project "Demokratie als Prozess" [Democracy as a Process], curated by Lilian Engelmann and Vera Lauf.