garden light poster

Standort am Reitplatz / location riding ring Jan Stradtmann
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Invited to the State horticultural show, Bertram Haude placed 4 conventional city light poster boxes around the area. The complex itself has a very urban structure and design, so the boxes, actually a well known item of "city furniture" embodying the complete opposite of nature and garden, hardly appear out of place. The poster boxes display images of nature as it appears in advertisements and on product packaging. The use of nature is designed to associate the product with qualities such as freshness, cleanliness, beauty, purity and health. However, the images have been retouched by the artist to show the scene as a "pure" nature. This highlights the inherent paradox in using untouched nature in the advertising. So why the industry is succsessful with that kind of advertisement? Enjoying the "garden", the "save place" inside nature, therefore a simulation of nature, ist definitely not enjoying nature.